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Information about print and e-journals available through the Library.

Between journal and database subscriptions, the Wesley community has access to hundreds of journals in a variety of disciplines. Some of these are available only in print, some only as e-journals, and some are both print and electronic. With Journals A-Z, you can access the library's comprehensive listing of journal titles. If you are looking for access to a journal which is not on this list, please contact the Library.

How do I access an online journal?

If you go directly to a journal's webpage through its URL (or by searching Google or other search engines), you will not have access to subscribed contents. To view online content of journals which the Library subscribes to (either through database or direct subscription), please:

  1. Select the Access Journals A-Z link. If you are off-campus, you will have to use your MyWesley log-in credentials.
  2. Start to type a journal or periodical name. Matching titles will appear.
  3. Select the appropriate title.
  4. On the result page, you''ll see the periodical title and other information.
  5. Click the Full-Text Access link 
  6. You will be provided with a number of available options: database name (e.g., ATLAS PLUS); publisher name (e.g., Cambridge Journals Online); and “Find Print Copy in Library.”
  7. Choosing a database or publisher link will get you to the online contents of the journal, either through the database or directly from the journal's website. (If you only see “Find Print Copy,” then it is not available electronically.)

How do I access JSTOR articles?

Journals in JSTOR are not listed in Journals A-Z. To access JSTOR contents, you'll need to either log into JSTOR from our Online Resources database page ( or by searching for articles through the Wesley Discovery Service (on the Library's home page).

It's also important to note that JSTOR is a massive database. The Library only subscribes to one of its collections — Arts & Sciences III, which includes titles in Religion, Art History, and Language & Literature. For more about the Collection and a list of titles, visit JSTOR.

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