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The library at the Wesley Theological Seminary provides access to over 200,000 quality eBooks covering a number of disciplines and subject areas. While most of these resources may be found through the WorldCat Discovery Service at Wesley, this eBooks section provides a listing of the library's eBook collections and instructions for saving content from them.

Resources marked with an asterisk are included in the Wesley Discovery Service and do not have to be searched individually. 

* Access available also through Wesley WorldCat Discovery Service.  

Many of the library's eBook platforms have the options to print, e-mail, and save pages of eBooks as a PDF. This convenience allows you to use the material offline and read it on more than one device. While the library has other eBook platforms, these instructions emphasize saving pages in the EBSCO platform with a brief mention of the others.

Getting started

  • Begin by accessing the EBSCO eBooks database either through WorldCat Discovery at Wesley (on the library homepage), the EBSCO eBooks Collections (listed in Discovery A-Z) or the EBSCO eBooks section (on the library’s Online Resources page).
  • Search for a specific eBook by title or find an eBook using a keyword search.
  • Click on a direct link (permalink) to an eBook or the title link from a search results list.

  • The link will redirect to the item’s Detailed Record in the EBSCO eBook Collection.
  • From the Detailed Record, click the Full Text link presented, either PDF Full Text or EPUB Full Text. (NOTE: The PDF Full Text retains the format and pagination of the original text while the EPUB Full Text may not do so.)

  • The link will redirect to the full text.

  • The Publisher Permissions information (located in the column to the left of the screen) displays the number of pages that are available to print, email, and save. 
  • The eBook Availability information indicates the number of copies of the eBook that are available for access. If you have difficulty accessing an eBook, this information can verify the number of copies that are in use, and you will need to wait until a copy becomes available.  

Copyright and Fair Use
The library eBooks are protected by copyright, and your use of them is granted under the Fair Use doctrine which makes allowances for teaching and research. The copyright law of the United States (Title 17 U.S. Code) governs the copying and reproduction of copyrighted materials. Individuals who use these electronic resources are liable for any actions that constitute copyright infringement. Therefore, download and save only what you need for your research, and do not share (distribute) the resources with others.

Saving Pages

Within the EBSCO interface, there are two options for saving pages/chapters/sections of an eBook.


1. Use the Save Pages option in the menu bar. Please do not use the Full Download link. This option requires the creation of an external EBSCOhost account for which the library and the campus IT group cannot provide technical assistance. Save Pages allows you to save pages to a PDF or send them to email. You can save the current page or a range of pages not to exceed the stated page limit. [Note: In some instances the entire eBook may be considered as a section, and you will have to select a page range to save.


2. Use the download arrow next to the chapter/section that you want to save. By clicking on the download arrow, you can the current page, a range of pages within the chapter, or the entire chapter/section to your device. [Note: In some instances the entire eBook may be considered as a section, and you will have to select a page range to save.]


Other eBook Platforms

The EBSCO eBook platform is the primary source of most of the library’s subscription eBooks. However, the library acquires eBooks from other vendors and publishers, including ACLS Humanities, Bloomsbury, and JSTOR. Most vendors have options to download, print, or email portions of their eBooks. Additionally, different vendors and publishers have a variety of DRM (digital rights management) options that may allow you to download content more easily. See the examples below.

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