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Doctor of Ministry Project Papers

Papers produced by the D.Min. program at Wesley Theological Seminary

How to Search Project Papers

The best source is the Library's online public access catalog (Library homepage > Resources > Search Catalog).

The catalog record for each item will indicate if the item is archive-only, if it circulates, or if is available electronically. [See a sample record.

Use the catalog's Basic Search and enter the author's name and/or a few key words from the paper's title in the search box. You can also browse project papers by using the keyword d.min. in the search box. (You can add other key words to narrow your search.)

Sample searches:

  1. Browse all WTS D.Min. project papers.
  2. Search for D.Min. project papers that discuss John Wesley. Keywords: d.min. wesley.
  3. Search for all D.Min project papers that discuss urban ministry. Keywords: d.min. urban.
  4. Search for Terri Lynn Simpson's D.Min. project paper, Writing from the heart: exploring prayer, poetry, psalms and the practice of Lectio Divina. Keywords: terri simpson prayer.

You can also search for Wesley project papers through WesleyIR (the seminary's institutional repository), Atla's Research in Ministry (RIM) database, and the Theological Research Exchange Network (TREN). Visit our Online Resources Guide for more information and links to these resources. However, every D.Min. Project Paper, whether electronic or print, and irrespective of where it is hosted, is cataloged in the Library's public access catalog.

Finding Previous Project Papers

Depending upon the year the Project Paper was produced it might be available in paper or digital format. 

Paper copies will be in the Archive and possibly the Circulating collection. Archive copies can only be read in the Library. Circulating copies can be borrowed. Wesley students who live more than 50 miles from campus can request that the Library send copies to them.

Digital copies are available for download through the Wesley library catalog. They are currently hosted on different sites, but until they are merged into one location, the Library's catalog is the best place to search for a paper.



Year Archive Circulating Download


  (paper) (paper)



1970 - 1980



1981 - 2010



2011 - 2012


2013 -    


Electronic Copies (2019 - )

D.Min. Project Papers from 2019 onward are available electronically through WesleyIR, the seminary's institutional repository. 

These items can be found in the Library's online public access catalogue. [See a sample catalog entry.] The link to WesleyIR is marked “Location: Electronic Resources.” Only staff, faculty, and currently enrolled students can access the paper.

The Library plans to migrate earlier papers (2011-2018) to WesleyIR in the near future. However, all electronic D.Min. papers can be found through the Library's online public access catalog.

(See Off-Campus Access for more login instructions.)

Electronic Copies (2011 - 2018)

D.Min. Project Papers from 2011 through 2018 are available electronically through the Theological Research Exchange Network (TREN).

These items can be found in the Library's online public access catalogue. [See a sample catalog entry.] The link to the TREN database is marked “Location: Electronic Resources.” New project papers from the current year might be available electronically before they are fully catalogued by the Library. If you believe a new project paper is available, you can search the  TREN database directly. Under "Search for Theses/Dissertations," select the School dropdown for Wesley Theological Seminary. You can further narrow your search by year, author, etc.

The Library cannot circulate digital copies hosted on TREN via Interlibrary Loan (ILL). Libraries and other institutions which need access to an item available through TREN can either subscribe to TREN or pay a per-item fee. Please contact TREN for more information.


(See Off-Campus Access for more login instructions.)

Circulating Copies (1980 - 2012)

Copies of project papers from 1980 through 2012 are bound and held in the circulating collection. Circulating items can be borrowed by Library patrons, and can be requested by other institutions through Interlibrary Loan.

These copies are located on the second floor of the Library.

Archive Copies (1970 - 2012)

Every project paper through 2012 is bound and stored at the Library for archival purposes. These copies are indicated in the Library catalog as “Storage (DOES NOT CIRCULATE)”.

Please request the copy at the Circulation & Information Services Desk.

4500 Massachusetts Avenue, NW | Washington DC 20016 | 202-885-8695 |