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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Organized by category, this list contains questions library users frequently ask about the library's services and operations. Questions will continue to be added along with their answers to meet the information needs of our library users.

Search Tools/Online Resources

What is the WorldCat Discovery Service (WDS) at Wesley?
WDS is an integrated search tool that allows you to explore and find the contents of the library collection and online resources simultaneously. Users can discover resources at the Wesley Theological Seminary library and libraries worldwide.

Does the library have an online catalog?
Yes. The online catalog is now integrated into the WorldCat Discovery Service (WDS) at Wesley, and you can still discover only the physical items within the library collection such as books, media, and journals.

Do I need a username and password to access the online catalog?
No. The online catalog is available for anyone to use. To access the online catalog from the library website, go to resources in the menu and select Search Catalog.

Who is eligible to use the library’s online resources off campus?
Only individuals with an active My Wesley account may access the library’s online resources off campus.

How do I access databases, eBooks, and other online resources from off campus?
Use your My Wesley username and password. For further instructions, see Off-Campus Access.

How do I find and access eBooks?
You can access eBooks through the WorldCat Discovery Service at Wesley. You can also use individual eBook databases listed on the library's Online Resources Guide

Are there system requirements for accessing the library's online resources?
Yes. To use the online resources, you should observe the following to meet the recommended minimum system requirements:

  1. Have the “latest version” of the following browsers: Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge
  2. Avoid Microsoft browsers; it  is not recommended for a number of reasons.
  3. Enable cookies from third parties or allow cookies from EBSCO.
  4. Avoid using the privacy mode (e.g. incognito mode) in the browsers.

If you need help with your browser, see: 

  1. Internet Explorer at
  2. Firefox at
  3. Safari at
  4. Google Chrome at


Where do I find resources for biblical interpretation?
The Biblical Interpretation Resource Guide introduces print and online resources for biblical interpretation, study, and research.

How do I find print and electronic journals in the library?
The Journals Guide provides information about print and electronic journals accessible through the library.

Can I access commentaries, topical dictionaries, and encyclopedias online?
Yes. The library subscribes to a number of electronic reference resources. These resources are grouped by category on the Online Resources Guide.

How can I find out if my professor has assigned readings on reserve in the library?
Go to Course Reserves in the WorldCat Discovery Service at Wesley to find assigned texts placed on reserve in the library.

How do I properly cite sources and avoid plagiarism?
The Academic Honesty and Integrity Guide offers guidance on understanding plagiarism and proper citation.

What is Copyright and Fair Use?
See the Copyright and Fair Use Guide.

How do I get research assistance?
Librarians are available to consult with you by email, phone, or Zoom appointments. Send email about your research needs to

Is there writing assistance available?
Yes. The Writing Center at Wesley offers support to students enrolled in the Master’s programs.

Doctor Ministry Project Papers

How do I find previous D.Min. project papers?
The WorldCat Discovery Service at Wesley is the easiest tool to use for finding D.Min. project papers. See Finding Previous Papers for search guidance.

How do I format my D.Min. project paper and submit it to the library?
See Prepare Your Paper for guidance in formatting your paper.

Why am I required to submit my D.Min. project paper to the library?
The library collects, stores, and preserves D.Min. project papers to preserve the research contributions of the seminary’s D.Min. students. Your paper will be preserved as a full-text document in electronic format and added to the library’s digital collection.

Library Borrowing

Who is eligible for borrowing privileges at the library?
WTS students, faculty, staff, and others affiliated with the seminary are eligible. Other groups eligible for borrowing privileges are listed on the library user and visitor information page.

How do I get a library card?
The Wesley ID serves as the library card for students, faculty, and staff. Go to the Circulation & Information Services Desk in the library and ask for borrowing privileges. Library staff will create a library account. For special researchers, library staff will provide an alternative library card and create an account.

What can I check out of the library?
Books, media, and D.Min. project papers.

Are there books/materials that I can’t borrow from the library?
Journals, periodicals, newspapers, and reference books do not circulate. In addition, books from the Godsey, Rare Book and Faculty collections are not loanable.

Can I renew my library books online?
Yes. Sign into your library borrower's account (not the My Wesley account) by using the "Sign in" link on the WorldCat Discovery Service at Wesley page. Enter the barcode located on your borrower’s card and password. If you do not know your barcode and password, contact the library for assistance.

How do I review my library account?
Sign into your library borrower's account (not the My Wesley account) by using the "Sign in" link on the WorldCat Discovery Service at Wesley page. Enter the barcode located on your borrower’s card and password. If you do not know your barcode and password, contact the library for assistance.

How do I return borrowed library materials?
Return materials in-person or by mail. For more details, see Returning Library Materials.

Are there fines/fees for overdue or lost items?
Yes. Overdue fines accrue on a daily basis. The the library charges $97 for lost or damaged items.

Can I request library materials for pickup?
Only WTS students, faculty, and staff may request materials to be prepared for pickup. For more details, see Materials Request Pickup.

Can the library send books to me?
The library will mail books to WTS students, faculty, and staff. For more details, see Materials Mail Delivery.

General Information

What are the library hours?
The library will be open weekdays and closed weekends. For current hours and closures, see Library Hours.

Is the library open to the public?
Yes, with restrictions. See Library Hours.

Can I drink beverages in the library?
Yes. All beverages must be in containers that have lids or caps.

Is food allowed in the library?
Food is only allowed in the library lounge. However, food will not be permitted at this time.

Does the library have photocopying?
No. Copying machines are no longer available in the library. Copying is available in the Raymond Washington Mail Center in the Kresge building.

Is printing available in the library?
Yes. Paid printing via the seminary print management system is available campus-wide for WTS students, faculty, and staff. Library visitors needing to print may do so at the Raymond Washington Mail Center in the Kresge building.

Does the library have scanning equipment?
Yes. The library has scanners for scanning to portable devices and cloud storage.

Does the library loan e-readers or laptops?
No. At this time, the library does not loan e-readers or laptops to library users.

Library Meeting Spaces

Is the library lounge available to use?
The library lounge is available for use. Food consumption and covered beverages are allowed.

Is the library classroom or seminar room available for individuals and groups to use?
By reservation, the library classroom is available to WTS students, faculty, and staff for meetings and group study. The seminar room is unavailable for the unforeseeable future. The library classroom may not be reserved or used for individual use. 

How do I make a room reservation?
You can call the library (202-885-8695) to reserve a space or visit Reserve a Meeting Space to make reservations.


Interlibrary Loan & Document Delivery

What is ILL/Document Delivery?
If the library does not own materials that you need, library staff will attempt to locate and borrow these materials from another library.

How do I get a book or article not available in the library?
WTS students, faculty, and staff can submit ILL requests with the Interlibrary Loan Materials Request Form. For more details, see Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery.

Can alumni and special researchers use ILL/Document Delivery?
No. Only WTS students, faculty, and staff are eligible to use ILL/Document Delivery.

How much does ILL/Document Delivery cost?
Currently, the library does not charge WTS students, faculty, and staff for this service.

How long does it take for the library to obtain materials via ILL/Document Delivery?
It depends upon the operations and policies of the lending institution. It may take 3-14 business for processing and delivery of ILL/Document Delivery requests.

Donating Books to the Library

Does the library accept book donations?
At this time, the library cannot accept used textbooks, large donations or private collections. For details about the donation process, see Library Gifts.

Are there alternatives for donating my books?
Yes. Charities and local public libraries may accept your books.

Technical Support

What is my My Wesley account?
All WTS students, faculty, and staff are issued a username and password to access the My Wesley network.

If you do not have an account or do not know your account, students should contact the Office of the Registrar and faculty/staff should contact Human Resources.

Why doesn’t my login work to access the library's online resources?

  • First, make sure that you are logging in through the correct link. Use the the "Sign in" link to access your library account which will display borrowed items, due dates, overdue items, and outstanding library bills. The library borrower's account is separate from the My Wesley account, and it has a different username and password. If you have a library account and do not know the username and password, contact the library. 
  • Second, make sure that you are using your My Wesley username and password. You will only use the My Wesley username and password at the My Wesley Portal, when you try to access an electronic resource from within the WorldCat Discovery Service, or when you try to access an electronic resource through the Online Resources page. 
  • Third, if you continue to have issues, contact WingSwept for assistance. Students use: Faculty and staff use:

Why can't I reset my My Wesley password?
Please contact WingSwept regarding your My Wesley account. Students use: Faculty and staff use:

Why can't I access the library online resources outside of the U.S.?
In some cases, there may be an issue with your My Wesley account. Please contact WingSwept regarding your My Wesley account. Students use: Faculty and staff use:

In other cases, the issue may be with your international internet service provider. Please contact the library for further assistance.

How do I access Blackboard?
If you need assistance with Blackboard, see Blackboard Support.

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